To develop bright stars, effective leaders work daily to improve and perfect three things within their enterprises:

  •  Culture – The culture sets the tone. Provide psychological conditions of meaningfulness, safety, availability, respect, and integrity that influence engagement.
  • Communication – Communicate from the top down to build employee confidence and buy-in. Involve employees whenever possible. Explain all aspects of change, negative and positive. Help people to see, “what’s in it for me?”
  • Commitment – Show strong commitment to diversity. Demonstrate honesty and integrity. Help find solutions to problems. Respect and care for employees as individuals. Set realistic performance expectations. Demonstrate passion for success.

In addition, effective leaders encourage, inspire, and mentor their people to help them flourish as bright stars. They engage people and boost performance at the individual, team, and enterprise levels. They hire people who are a great fit, help new people feel as welcome as possible, and build strong commitment in every individual on the team. They make sure that values are a priority, exercise fairness, and adopt a discipline for attending to people’s well-being and creating a supportive environment. They build strong relationships and motivate their people to succeed.


DR. MARTA WILSON is the founder of The LEAP Enterprise, best-selling author, creator of the LEAP app, an industrial-organizational psychologist, and the CEO of Transformation Systems, Inc. (TSI). Marta has dedicated her career to leadership consultancy while serving as board member, author, catalyst, coach, mentor, researcher, speaker, trainer, volunteer, and fundraiser. With a passion to share proven strategies that drive client results, Marta has authored several business books including LEAP, Energized Enterprise, Everybody’s Business, Leaders in Motion and the Transformation Desktop Guide. Specializing in leadership effectiveness, Marta holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in industrial and organizational psychology from Virginia Tech and a B.A. in academic psychology from the University of Tennessee.