Energized Enterprise

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Lead your workforce to new peaks of performance. Develop and magnify your motivational acumen. Access, expand, unite, and guide the untapped energy in your organization.

When budgets are strained and changes are a constant on every horizon, it takes effective leaders to reinvigorate the government workplace. In Energized Enterprise, Dr. Marta Wilson helps public sector leaders be their best, do great things, and achieve meaningful success as they lift their workforce to new heights.

Energized Enterprise shows leaders how to put both the human element and the total enterprise at the forefront of their strategy and daily action, offering fundamental principles of effective leadership, seven key leadership rules, as well as research, stories, and practical examples. Utilizing Dr. Wilson’s expertise, public sector managers will implement the very best leadership practices to optimize fit, commitment, fairness, alignment, engagement, and communication.

Leading change relies on improving one’s own effectiveness while inspiring others and guiding transformation. Leaders in the federal workplace will help their organizations reach new peaks of performance by applying the proven tools and techniques in Energized Enterprise. Effective leadership skills will drive sustainable success at the individual, team, and enterprise levels, resulting in a workforce that is motivated, engaged, and filled with people who are alert, growing, and making a bigger difference.

A portion of proceeds from Energized Enterprise will be donated to charity.