Fit for Success: Savvy Leaders Create Perfect Matches

Fit for Success: Savvy Leaders Create Perfect Matches

If you are a leader, chances are that you would love to have stellar people knocking on your door to join your team, stay long-term, and make a meaningful contribution to your organization during their entire tenure. But, how do you hire the best people who match up with the career opportunities you have to offer — the way peanut butter goes with jelly?

Three elements are important for a perfect match between employee and employer. First is fit with the job. Second is fit with the workgroup. And, third is fit with the organization.

Fit with the Job
Many people are in jobs they once loved, but now they want to find the next challenge either within their own organizations or somewhere else. Matching people to jobs is about stretching their ability but not to the breaking point. Most people want a job that’s a bit more challenging. However, if it’s too hard they give up, and if it’s too easy they get bored.So, during the interview, realistic job previews are critical. Also, research shows that effective leaders ensure team members’ roles and abilities are aligned. This includes identifying individuals’ growth and development priorities before designing or finalizing roles. Also key is open, honest, and direct performance feedback to ensure individuals clearly understand how they fit with their roles. Feedback discussions also provide an opportunity for monitoring when folks are ready to move on to the next challenge without stretching too far too soon, so balance is maintained.

Fit with the Workgroup
It’s important for people to understand how they fit with their workgroups. If members of a group are diverse with varied preferences, it’s even more important to appreciate each other’s positions and interests and then work to discover their compatibilities. This requires creating a culture which values every person’s individuality, and leadership plays a critical role in developing and nurturing that culture. Furthermore, research indicates that when supervisors show more support for their people, job satisfaction increases. In turn, this higher satisfaction increases organizational citizenship behaviors. In the end, transformational leaders align individuals around mission success by creating fit within workgroups as they boost attitudes and performance with genuine concern for satisfaction and wellbeing.

Fit with the Organization
A lot of people are drawn to organizations whose values resonate with their own. In fact, research shows that people who are more committed and satisfied in their jobs are less likely to leave when there is fit between their morals and their perception of the organization’s ethics. Likewise, studies show that an organization’s values can help attract potential employees, but the values of the organizations must be visible for that to happen.So, recruits must be able to assess the organizations’ values, and this requires proximity, exposure, and familiarity. This warrants conscious communication between recruiters and recruits that paints a clear picture of the essence of the organization including values, mission, vision, and culture. Finally, a continued dialogue on values among leaders and employees is important so that the connection doesn’t fade once individuals are onboard.

Attract the People Who Are a Great Fit
To attract stellar people, be a great place to work. Be a place where people can trust that if something is not right, you will not ignore it.Be energetic and so excited about what you do that all of your employees are as excited as you are. Then, in turn they become recruiters for your organization. Help everybody to create an elevator speech that rolls off their tongues everywhere they go. When you find great sources of talent, nurture those pipelines. Match people with their job demands, with their co-workers, and with the organization itself.Build compatibility between individuals and the work environment. Better fit drives better performance. So, demonstrate what it is you want to hire in people.To attract someone who can deliver great results, you must demonstrate delivery of great results.Like-minded people will find you.When people enjoy what they do and have fun doing it, they tell everybody about it. If everyone in your organization is in tune with what the organization is about and they radiate positive energy about the enterprise wherever they go, it will attract superstars who are a great fit.

Enjoy the Benefits of Making Perfect Matches
What does it look like when people are a great fit with their job, their co-workers, and the organization? They display positive behavior even when there is no one around to witness it. They do the right thing even if a supervisor is not peeking over their shoulder. They show general connection with organizational objectives. They are aligned and energized by achieving mission success. Everybody looks forward to going to work. People are honest about what’s working and not working in doing their jobs. If something is off-track, they feel comfortable bringing it forward and trying to get it resolved. They smile. They are excited about what they need to get done.They have fun. And there’s more. One of the first things my colleagues and I notice when we’re in an energized enterprise with people who are a great fit and with effective leadership at the helm is buzz. You can feel the buzz. There’s a higher pace and energy level.People are much more likely to be proactive to do things ahead of time. They offer ideas. There’s energy, speed, and proactivity that drive bold goals, improved performance, and outstanding results. Savvy leaders enable these results by ensuring that people fit with their jobs, with their workgroups, and with the organization. Happy matchmaking!