Leaders in Motion

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Win the race for organizational health, wealth, and creative power. Boost and leverage your personal and interpersonal acumen. Be your best, do great things, and have meaningful success.

Give yourself the defining advantage in today’s virtual world competition. Global competitors and the advance of new technologies require leaders to be constantly in motion–transformational motion.

Launch and sustain a culture of transformation. In a culture of transformation, everyone has a leadership role, testing clarity and commitment against their guiding vision so each person can contribute to achieving goals at unimagined levels through renewed focus, direction and energy.

In a culture of transformation, individuals rise to the occasion, ready to step forward and seize opportunities in the relay of productivity, innovation and services. At the center of this team of individuals stands the authentic leader, who fearlessly commits to sustaining creative motion by diving deep and achieving new levels of personal mastery.

Dr. Marta Wilson offers her proven method for unleashing the full potential of every organization–one leader at a time. With its collection of wisdom and stories gathered from the author’s life and from leaders across the globe, Leaders in Motion is a guided reflection challenging us to tap our own potential to lead cultures of transformation and achievement.