Forbes released their list of 30 Under 30 Class Of 2018: The Young Stars, Visionaries And Creative Disruptors.  These individuals are starting and running billion-dollar businesses, tackling social issues, and changing their industries.

As I studied their accomplishments and contributions, I learned they are shining examples of the leader I wrote about in Energized Enterprise. In today’s complex systems, leaders have to rewrite their playbooks because the impact of everybody’s effort, competency, behavior, and attitude is enormous. We’re now asking employees who used to be three levels down, and who used to care only about their own work, to be advocates for the entire enterprise. That’s radically different, and these 30 under 30 seem to have it figured out.

These creative leaders manage the polarity of putting both the human element and the total enterprise at the forefront of strategy and daily actions. Here is a look at a summary from Forbes about how these young stars think and operate:

  1. 53% started their business to solve a problem; 29% want their business to change the world
  2. 73% live or work on the two coasts: 35% on the West Coast; 38% on the East Coast
  3. 19% are immigrants from 50 countries
  4. The number 1 dream mentor: Elon Musk. Others most preferred include Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates
  5. 40% describe millennials as Ambitious. Other most-used definitions: Inspired (24%), Adventurous (18%) and Idealistic (18%)
  6. Nearly all describe success as achieving your potential (51%) or liking yourself and what you do (45%). Only 1% pursue success for fame and fortune.
  7. 40% believe Grit is the most important trait for entrepreneurs; followed by Passion (21%) and Vision (16%)
  8. 37% say Superman is their favorite superhero; followed by Iron Man (26%) and Wonder Woman (21%)



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