Commitment is defined by both our decisions and our actions. When we have the will to achieve an outcome, commitment helps us to discover a way. It is an essential ingredient in the formula for transformation. Commitment includes consciously deciding to learn from all of our experiences including our setbacks. With commitment, we become resilient and are able to achieve our boldest goals.

Leaders who are at their best, doing great things, and achieving meaningful success make commitments in four areas:

  1. Mind – I have often heard that the best leaders are the best learners.  In a study of ninety top leaders from a variety of fields, leadership experts Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus stated about the relationship between growth and leadership: “It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.”
  2. Health – Being an effective leader requires energy and strength.  Often leaders will put others needs before their own.  Airlines instruct us to put our own air masks on in the event on an emergency before helping other passengers.  It is the same in our own lives, we can’t be of help to others if we have not taken care of ourselves.  Leaders who prioritize health, rest, exercise, and self care are positioned to show up for their team with focus and energy.
  3. Goals – Leaders set personal and organizational goals.  Goals trigger action and focus and are a must for leaders and their organizations.
  4. Principles – As I discuss in my book, Leaders in Motion, balancing the need for decisions with the many benefits of patience, leaders work and live in such a way that their own guiding principles and values light the path for an entire organization.


DR. MARTA WILSON is the founder of The LEAP Enterprise, best-selling author, creator of the LEAP app, an industrial-organizational psychologist, and the CEO of Transformation Systems, Inc. (TSI). Marta has dedicated her career to leadership consultancy while serving as board member, author, catalyst, coach, mentor, researcher, speaker, trainer, volunteer, and fundraiser. With a passion to share proven strategies that drive client results, Marta has authored several business books including LEAP, Energized Enterprise, Everybody’s Business, Leaders in Motion and the Transformation Desktop Guide. Specializing in leadership effectiveness, Marta holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in industrial and organizational psychology from Virginia Tech and a B.A. in academic psychology from the University of Tennessee.