Everybody’s Business

About This Project

Everybody’s Business answers the question: How can leaders engage the total enterprise to boost quality, speed, savings and innovation?

Despite the statistics, any organization can be sustained. How? By imagining the smallest step with the biggest payoff, and then choosing that one step. This primer helps leaders imagine ways to free everybody in their organization to do just that, by making it everybody’s business to know and grow the enterprise.

Industrial and organizational psychologist, Dr. Marta Wilson, and her team of experts show how leaders in small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, and military organizations have found their best options by asking this recurring question: What is the smallest step with the biggest return? Wilson believes in the power of asking questions and listening—to customers, employees, suppliers, investors—as the best way to improve products or services. Leaders must initiate dialogue to discover ideas from each stakeholder’s unique vantage point. The short “Ask Yourself” section in each chapter will jump-start readers’ application of the seven dialog tools she provides. Through stories and interviews, Everybody’s Business delivers a big idea to help business leaders increase workplace productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness—resulting in long-term growth.

Book Reviews

Everybody’s Business is an outstanding primer on what really matters in complex organizations. It is a compelling tale; utilizing very specific examples on why culture and leadership matter so much to the success of a business. Dr. Marta Wilson has crafted an easy to read book on exactly how and what both new and seasoned executives need to pay attention to in order to gain the most success for their people. At the heart of the book, similar to the golden rule of real estate which is “location, location, location,” it’s about your “people, people, people.” Wilson’s original take on leadership and stakeholder engagement will inspire you to think differently and empower you to take your next step that creates improvement within your enterprise. Get ready to imagine new possibilities and bring them into reality in your workplace!