Why do some people advance to the leading edge of performance, while others with similar experience and ability do not? It’s a question Dr. Marta Wilson has been asked countless times, and she and her team have conducted 25 years of applied research to understand the answer. What have they discovered?

High performers exhibit personal, interpersonal, organizational, and motivational mastery. Individuals with these four types of mastery tend to become superstars, and those who don’t tend to derail. LEAP, or Leadership Effectiveness and Potential, is a framework and a program that includes 4 types of mastery which help individuals achieve greater success. The LEAP Program helps individuals expand results, leverage relationships, integrate their environment, and inspire performance. LEAP is a holistic program for your workforce.

The LEAP Program is based

on Dr. Wilson’s books:


Discovery and Insight

Leadership Effectiveness and Potential (LEAP) is an assessment framework to identify strengths and developmental opportunities to become more personally, interpersonally, organizationally, and motivationally agile.

The LEAP suite of assessments includes: the LEAP Enterprise which measures perceptions across entire organizations; the LEAP Profile designed for individual awareness and development; and the LEAP 360 Degree Feedback which helps leaders seek and receive feedback.

Motivation and Evolution

LEAP guides leaders with coaching and mentoring. The LEAP team of workplace psychologists and certified coaches help executives, managers, and leaders heighten their awareness of what it takes to be their best, do great things, and have meaningful success. We use a proven process that illuminates a path of evolution and growth for both emerging and experienced leaders within your organization.

Knowledge and Growth

LEAP instructs with group and team training. LEAP workshops explore how to put in motion the latest research and philosophy on motivating and energizing the workforce. The workshop format combines experiential learning, paired mentoring, group discussions, individual development, and action planning.

The LEAP App is packed with coaching tips and action items to take performance to the next level. This valuable tool can be used as a stand-alone self-coaching toolkit, or as a supplement to coaching and mentoring.

Performance and Results

Maximize Leadership Effectiveness and Potential

  • Boost Effectiveness
  • Increase Alignment
  • Improve Relationships
  • Strengthen Collaboration
  • Magnify Total Systems Thinking
  • Amplify Emotional Intelligence
  • Enhance Clarity of Growth Areas
  • Accelerate Development

Program Elements

Assessment and Feedback

LEAP Enterprise: Assess personal, interpersonal, organizational and motivational mastery across an entire organization

 LEAP Profile: Assess an individual’s level of personal, interpersonal, organizational and motivational mastery

 LEAP 360: 360 Degree Feedback assessment provides feedback from others in the organization

Training and Development

Keynote: Motivational presentation about LEAP delivered by Dr. Marta Wilson

Executive Workshop: 3-hour LEAP overview workshop for senior leaders

Overview Workshop: 1-day interactive workshop covering the power of intention, and personal, interpersonal, organizational, and motivational mastery

Intensive Workshops: Four 1-day interactive workshops devoted to each of the four areas of mastery

Coaching and Mentoring

Certified LEAP Coaches and Mentors: Provide ongoing support to expand knowledge and new behaviors

LEAP App: Experiment with new behaviors to expand results, leverage relationships, integrate environment, and inspire performance

Consulting and Transformation

Certified LEAP Consultants: Tackle unique organizational challenges

It’s easy to bring Leading Edge developmental programs in-house as you make an investment in human capital, your most precious resource. Leading Edge presentations, retreats, workshops, and seminars provide employees, managers, and executives with valuable insights from science and industry with a combination of experiential learning, individual development, and action planning. Transform, energize and engage to reach new peaks of performance!